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NEWS ALERT!!! Subscribers of the Suncoast News have voted P & R Sod Company BEST SOD COMPANY TO REPLACE YOUR LAWN in Pasco & Pinellas Counties for 10 years in a row!!! "WE ARE A FULL SERVICE GRASS COMPANY SERVING AREA FOR 47 YEARS"


The standard pallet size in our industry is 500 SQ.FT. You will occasionally see sod advertised for considerably less money per pallet than our price.DON'T BE FOOLED BY BAIT AND SWITCH.Check the square footage. Usually you will find the greatly reduced price is in fact, for a 400 SQ.FT. pallet. By the square foot, our product would still be less money ,but you would be getting 100 square foot less sod for your money!! ALWAYS CHECK... ALWAYS ASK "Is that 400 OR 500 square foot.Also on lawn replacement ,the same thing applies. ALWAYS CHECK... ALWAYS ASK "is everything included in the per square foot price or are there hidden extras. Extras that P & R SOD would have included in their per square foot price. At P & R SOD we don't play tricks. Just good,honest, professional service you've come to expect after 47 years of doing business in this area.


Do you need 1 piece, or a whole pallet? Want to pick it up, or do you want it delivered? At P & R SOD we understand that some people like to DIY!! We aim to help you with all your sod projects. Delivery is available. Just drop by or give us a call. Let us know how much you need and when. We'll bring it to you!!


Sod is a perishable product. Many things can effect the price. Not enough water.To much water. Heat and cold, especially frost. That is why periodically you will see the price of our sod fluctuate. At P & R SOD we consistently offer the best prices for your sod needs. If you can find it for less ...let us know. Just bring us their ad and we will beat any advertised price.


P & R SOD consistently has the freshest sod available locally. We stock Floratam and Bahia, but all of the exotic grasses are readily available also.The reason our sod is the freshest is simple. You the customers of P & R SOD !! We sell a much higher volume of sod than any of our competitors, therefore we are constantly bringing in fresh loads of sod.Thanks to our loyal customers, you will always find fresh, green sod when you need it. Why not stop by today!!

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Lawn Gone?

P & R SOD is your lawn replacement specialist!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you with all your lawn replacement needs.P & R SOD is recognized as the leader in lawn replacement and as having the best cinch bug and SAD resistant Floratam available.This is one of the many reasons why P & R SOD is consistently voted "BEST LAWN AND LANDSCAPING" in Pasco and Pinellas by the Suncoast News readers poll.


  • Before we can begin work, one of our very qualified lawn specialist will come to your home and discuss your needs and preferences. Based on our many years of experience and your desire for the finished product, he will recommend the best way to proceed. Once you have agreed on the type of grass and the desired area to be done, he will accurately measure the area and show you the estimate. There are no hidden costs. When the order is signed, you will be placed on our schedule and the work will begin on your designated day.
  • On the day of your installation, our crew will arrive with all the equipment to complete your job.The first step will be to remove your old lawn. Some other companies will use weed killer and a verticut machine to accomplish this step. This method allows the top grass and weeds to die, but the roots survive. Over a period of time, these old roots will eventually grow back through your new lawn, or worse yet, they will rot and cause a fungus or mold under your new lawn killing it. At P & R SOD, we do lawn replacement the correct way. We use a specialized machine called a "RYAN SOD CUTTER".  This machine makes an even 2" deep cut. It removes the surface grass and weeds, but more importantly, it removes all the roots.

  • The debris is picked up and taken away. Next we use heavy rakes to level and prepare the ground for you new lawn. This makes a nice,clean beginning for your new lawn.If the soil has been prepared properly, rolling will not be necessary.

  • You will love the next step!! Our crew than begins to place your new sod on the clean pallet they have prepared. It is amazing to watch the bare ground being transformed into a lush green carpet! The next step is up to you. Watering your new sod is essential. Our foreman will go over the watering and fertilizing needs of your new lawn with you.

And that's it!! Our goal at P & R SOD, is to make the lawn replacement experience as pleasant and hassle free as possible. The result is a beautiful new lawn. One that you will enjoy for many years to come and one that will compliment and improve the value of your home.



A RYAN SOD CUTTER is designed primarily to harvest sod from the fields for comercial use. In our application, it is an essential piece of equipment to clean out and remove old grass and weeds from your yard. It makes an even, 2" deep cut. It removes the dead grass and weeds and any other unwanted growth from the surface of your yard. More importantly, it removes the root systems entirely, leaving a clean site for your new lawn. Using a sod cutter also brings the level of the yard down to its original grade. This allows the new sod to blend in better with existing walkways and planting areas.

A VERTICUT machine is not a sod cutter. Many companies use spray weed killer followed by a verticut machine. This method does not get out all the roots. It leaves the opportunity ,in time,for weeds to grow back . Worse yet, the roots could rot and cause mold or fungus under your new lawn killing it. A verticutter will remove a minimal amount of thatch, but it was not designed for that purpose. It was designed to prepare the ground for grass seed. It may reduce high and low spots in your lawn to a small degree but it was not designed for that purpose either. It was designed to cut furrows into the surface, knock seeds into the furrows and cover them with just enough dirt to promote germination.The two machines look similar, however they are very different in how they perform. A verticutter does not remove the root system. It has fixed blades about 1/2" to 1". It also can be used to thin out creeping grasses like Bermuda or St. Augustine. Some companies use this method because it is less labor intensive. That cuts their cost of labor...a cut that they do not pass on to the consumer. At P & R SOD we do installations the profesional way. Our prices are comparible to the other companies,but it is a much better job, saving you money in the long run.


The Porter family comes from a long tradition of farming. Our ancestors were farming in Texas as far back as the 1800's. More recently, they were strawberry farmers in eastern Hillsborough County. Our great uncle formed the Indian River Citrus Co-Op.He was instrumental in developing the Ruby Red Grapefruit, and was one of the first to grow and harvest it in this area. My dad owned a very large nursery in St. Petersburg in the late 1930's. He planted all the Austrailian Pines along Gandy Blvd. that are still growing today. He also planted the palm trees at the downtown Tampa interchange. As a young man, as so many do, I thought the grass was greener on the other side!! I left the farm headed to New York. I was very succesful in the corporate world, but my roots kept calling me home. After 12 years I came home to Florida and couldn't wait to get my hands in the dirt again!! On my first day trying to sell sod, I dressed in a suit,(New York was still directing me!!) took a baking pan with a piece of sod on it, and went off making calls on prospective buyers. The sod business took off,I never looked back. In 1977 we introduced Floratam to Pasco County.I went on to become the President of The Florida Sod Association. In 1978 we began growing and harvesting our own sod. Most of the Bahia Sod was harvested off the Starkey Ranch on S.R. 54. We grow and harvest our Floratam from an 800 acre farm in northwest Miami. The exotic grasses we get from various suppliers. Today we are still a family owned and operated local business. We are very active in this community. Thank-you, Pasco, Pinellas,Hernando.

8010 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. (1 block west of Little Rd. at Osteen) 727-859-0859 727-845-0002