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NEWS ALERT!!! Subscribers of the Suncoast News have voted P & R Sod Company BEST SOD COMPANY TO REPLACE YOUR LAWN in Pasco & Pinellas Counties for 10 years in a row!!! "WE ARE A FULL SERVICE GRASS COMPANY SERVING AREA FOR 47 YEARS"


The standard pallet size in our industry is 500 SQ.FT. You will occasionally see sod advertised for considerably less money per pallet than our price.DON'T BE FOOLED BY BAIT AND SWITCH.Check the square footage. Usually you will find the greatly reduced price is in fact, for a 400 SQ.FT. pallet. By the square foot, our product would still be less money ,but you would be getting 100 square foot less sod for your money!! ALWAYS CHECK... ALWAYS ASK "Is that 400 OR 500 square foot.Also on lawn replacement ,the same thing applies. ALWAYS CHECK... ALWAYS ASK "is everything included in the per square foot price or are there hidden extras. Extras that P & R SOD would have included in their per square foot price. At P & R SOD we don't play tricks. Just good,honest, professional service you've come to expect after 47 years of doing business in this area.


Do you need 1 piece, or a whole pallet? Want to pick it up, or do you want it delivered? At P & R SOD we understand that some people like to DIY!! We aim to help you with all your sod projects. Delivery is available. Just drop by or give us a call. Let us know how much you need and when. We'll bring it to you!!


Sod is a perishable product. Many things can effect the price. Not enough water.To much water. Heat and cold, especially frost. That is why periodically you will see the price of our sod fluctuate. At P & R SOD we consistently offer the best prices for your sod needs. If you can find it for less ...let us know. Just bring us their ad and we will beat any advertised price.


P & R SOD consistently has the freshest sod available locally. We stock Floratam and Bahia, but all of the exotic grasses are readily available also.The reason our sod is the freshest is simple. You the customers of P & R SOD !! We sell a much higher volume of sod than any of our competitors, therefore we are constantly bringing in fresh loads of sod.Thanks to our loyal customers, you will always find fresh, green sod when you need it. Why not stop by today!!

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Hey guys, I just published a piece on your work today at my home in Key Vista. Fell free to add the link to your site if you like. You did a great job and a few of my neighbors may call you for quotes. Thanks for knocking this out today, I appreciate it. Dave Dragon Homeowner

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